Privacy Policy

Last modified: April 03, 2019

The Weynon app makes it fun and easy to know what your circle of friends are up to! With the Weynon app, you can keep tabs on everyone in your life both near and far!

We understand privacy is important and have built in settings in the Weynon app that allow you to categorize your friends in order to limit the sharing of your location with your friends to different circles. To make sure you are aware of our privacy practices we have prepared this Privacy Policy. By registering an account, you’re consenting to our processing of your personal data in the ways described in this Policy.

Information we collect

There are two categories of information we collect:

  • Information you provide
  • Information we can get when you use our services

Information you provide

When you interact with our services, we collect the information that you choose to share with us.

  • Registration. When you register through the app, you provide us with your alias (your first and last name or a pseudonym), age and phone number. During the registration we will send you a verification code via email this will enable us to verify your account. If you don’t receive a verification code, you can also request us to email you.
  • Profile picture. If you want you can also add a profile picture to make it easier and more fun to interact with your friends. Of course you’re free to change your photo and alias whenever you want, just go to settings in the app.
  • Address book. We also allow you to share your address book to easily find friends that are already active on Weynon. Sharing your address book also makes it easy to invite friends to Weynon, share the love!
  • Location. Weynon is a location based service and in order for the app to fully function we need permission to collect your precise location. You provide us with your location through the permission settings on your phone. We collect your location using methods that include GPS, wireless networks, cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and other sensors, such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and compasses. If for whatever reason you’re letting someone else use your phone, just make sure you let them know they should disable location sharing if they don’t want their location to be shared with your friends and to prevent misunderstanding about your own location.

Information we can get when you use our services

When you use our services, we collect information about how you use them, here are some examples:

  • Usage information. We collect information about your activity through our service, for example: how you communicate with your friends on Weynon, such as their names, time and data of your communications, the number of messages and emojis you exchange, your favorite friends and when you open messages or take a screenshot.
  • Device information. We collect device specific information, such as the battery level, the SSID address of the Wi-Fi terminal, IP address, phone name, hardware model, operating system version, advertising identifier, unique application identifiers, unique device identifiers, language, wireless network, and mobile network information (including the mobile phone number).
  • Location information. We collect information on your most frequent locations based on your use of the app and the location data. For example: we may identify your home, school or work or other locations based on your use of the app.

How we use information

Our main goal is to offer the best possible service so you and your friends are able to connect with each other wherever and whenever based on your current location. Specifically, we may use your information to

  • Develop, operate, improve, deliver, maintain, and protect our services.
  • Send you communications, including by email. For example, we may use email to respond to support inquiries or to share information about services, and promotional offers that we think may interest you.
  • Create statistical studies and monitor and analyze trends, some examples:
    • Movement patterns. Predicting your movement patterns based on your location data, based on a methodology developed by us in particular in terms of delay between two collection instants.
    • Statistical studies. Creating statistical studies on an anonymized basis, we will never disclose your identity or even your alias or Registration statistics. Determining which groups (e.g. country, users of different phone types, operating systems, etc.) are statistically relevant to the different studies that Weynon conducts on an aggregate basis.
    • Movements over time. Measuring and analyzing the movements of users over time.
    • Communications. Studying exchanges habits and communication between friends.
  • Personalize the services by, among other things, suggesting friends or profile information.
  • Contextualize your experience by, displaying your best friends and favorite locations in the app. Your best friends appear bigger so it’s easy to connect with them. We may display an icon above your location to identify your home or work address.
  • Enhance the safety and security of our products and services.
  • Send you advertisements and improve add targeting, including through the use of your precise location data.
  • Send you push notification. If you don’t want to receive push notifications, just go to your settings to turn them off.
  • Verify your identity and prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.
  • Enforce our Terms of Service and other usage policies.
  • Store some information locally on your device, so that you can open the app and view content faster.

How we share information

We may share your information in the following ways:

  • With other Weynon users. We may share the following information with other Weynon users:
    • Information about you such as your alias, friend list, number of friends, profile picture and battery status.
    • Your location if they are your friend and you permit them to view your location. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your friends may have access to your location regardless of their location. This means that if your friend is travelling abroad he will be able to see your location and vice versa.
    • Information about how you have interacted with the services, such as the day you joined or became friends, messages and emojis sent and received or any other information you have consented for us to share. For example, when you let us access your device address book, we may share information about you with other users who have your name and phone number in their device address book.
  • With our affiliates. We may share information with entities within the Weynon SAS. family of companies.
  • With third parties. We may share your information with the following third parties:
    • With service providers and partners. We may share information about you with service providers who perform services on our behalf and business partners that provide services and functionality.
    • With third parties for legal reasons. We may share information about you if we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is needed to:
      • Comply with any valid legal process, governmental request, or applicable law, rule, or regulation.
      • Investigate, remedy, or enforce potential Terms of Service violations.
      • Protect the rights, property, and safety of us, our users, or others.
      • Detect and resolve any fraud or security concerns.
    • Other third parties. We may also share aggregated, non-personally identifiable or unidentified information.
  • With third parties as part of a merger or acquisition. If Weynon SAS. gets involved in a merger, asset sale, stock sale, share sale, financing, liquidation or bankruptcy, or acquisition of all or some portion of our business to another company, we may share your information with that company before and after the transaction closes.

How long we keep your information

We store your information as long as necessary and as long as you’re a user of our service. We have different retention protocols in place depending on the information. We also aggregate or anonymize information for certain purposes such as data analytics. Once we’ve anonymized the data we retain the data indefinitely.

Control over your information

It is important to us that you have control over your information; here are a couple of ways we establish that:

    • Access. We strive to let you access and update most of the personal information that we have about you. There are limits though to the requests we’ll accommodate. We may reject a request for a number of reasons, including, for example, that the request risks the privacy of other users, requires technical efforts that are disproportionate to the request, is repetitive, or is unlawful. You can access and update most of your alias and profile picture in the app settings. If you need to access, update, or delete other personal information that we may have, you can contact us. Because your privacy is important to us, we may ask you to verify your identity or provide additional information before we let you access or update your personal information. We will try to update and access your information for free, but if it would require a disproportionate effort on our part, we may charge a fee. We will of course disclose the fee before we comply with your request.
    • Location. You can change the location that is visible to your friends at any time in the app settings. We allow you to only share your location with whomever you choose.
  • Account deletion. Of course we don’t want you to leave us, if for some reason you ever want to delete your account you can always contact Weynon.


Our services are not intended for anyone under 13, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. But when we do, we’ll let you know one way or another. Sometimes, we’ll let you know by revising the date at the top of the Privacy Policy that’s available on our website and mobile application. Other times, we may provide you with additional notice (such as adding a statement to our websites’ homepages or providing you with an in app notification).